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Whether you train 30 hours a week, or just a few, we all make countless mistakes every time we hit the gym. Even if you are doing everything right, are you seeing the results you want and deserve? If not, why? Furthermore, there comes a time in everyone’s training program when we wonder whether we are fighting the fatigue and battling the negativity for nothing, is your time being wasted?

How protein supplements aid muscle growth

Well, perhaps it is. There is an alternative, an easy way by which to maximise the results from your sessions – while keeping safe from steroids and other less-than legal options, that are available just about everywhere. Your solution could be found in taking a protein supplement for optimum nutrition.


For all of you wanting to lose some fat or preserve existing muscle, while optimising the muscle gains from your programme, perhaps protein shakes should be on your ‘to-try’ list. Researchers in Minnesota have found that when subject’s calorie intakes were reduced by 500, those who were given a protein supplement lost 6.1% more body fat than those in the control group, additionally they also preserved muscle far better than those who had not been given the means to achieve the greatest fat-loss possible.


As well as controlling hunger, protein supplements can replace unhealthy snacks. Feeling hungry and reaching for the chocolate? Well you still can, if you really have to, as there is a wide variety of chocolate bars that contain heightened amounts of protein, specifically aimed at those looking to increase their protein intake.


However, supplements aren’t only for those who are slimming. It has been proven, over a 10 week study, that protein supplements will maximise strength gains and give users a greater fat-free mass than those who do not take them. Protein supplements, whether in the form of protein-enriched sweets or protein shakes, are ideally consumed one hour before and after a workout in order to optimise results.


Another study has shown that supplements reduce the sensation of hunger. Researchers found that in 28 men, all of whom were obese, after consuming a supplement their hormonal levels of Gherlin, the hormone responsible for hunger was reduced for up to four hours. This makes it easier to slim for summer, a special event or better health.


Protein supplements are incredible. It has been found that regularly consuming them will actually reduce the chances of a person contracting several forms of cancer, such as colon and prostate cancer, some of the biggest killers in the developed world.


Although, the aforementioned may coerce or feel oddly reminiscent of a sales pitch, it has all been scientifically proven. Alas, protein supplements aren’t for everyone. It is not advisable to consume protein this way if under the age of 21, unless in extreme circumstances. The best way for those of you in this age bracket to obtain protein is by eating a balanced, but protein-enriched, diet.


But for those who are over the age of 21, exercise intensely frequently and aren’t millionaires, protein supplements are an easy, quick and relatively inexpensive method of increasing your protein intake. Having said all of that, they will not work without sweating it out in the gym, so stop reading, get up, step away from the computer and get training! If you are looking for further information on protein supplements, we recommend La Whey and Promax as two of the best products on the market.

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