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If you feel that you are doing everything right in the gym, yet you are not getting the results that you know you deserve, if you are toiling for hours, fighting fatigue only to see marginal gains, then the odds are; your protein intake is too low. But, what if you cannot afford to consume any more calories or carbohydrates, then Kinetica may have a solution and with over 30 years of experience, it is not hard to see why.

Kinetica protein shake information

Kinetica’s unique blend is free of gluten, aspartame and artificial colours and flavourings. Not only is this ideal for those with allergies, but if you prefer a chemical-free source of protein and believe that such ingredients will hinder overall progression, Kinetica may well optimise your results. Perhaps they have a point, with a swathe of flavourings that can be detrimental to the body, it may well adversely affect your overall performance. Kinetica negates this and could be uniquely advantageous in this field, and is especially popular with those looking to achieve weight loss whilst building muscle.


The blend is best suited to those who are trying to build muscle or increase their overall size as the powder has a 73% protein concentration. Furthermore, it has increased levels of BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids). These are the basic building blocks of muscle and without them muscle could not grow at all. An obvious problem arises here, there are 20 BCAAs in total, of which the body cannot produce eight naturally and therefore must be provided through diet.


Many neglect themselves of these basic, but profound, amino acids and it is one of the leading causes for plateauing. Kinetica has 19g per 100g serving, this may not sound like a mammoth quantity, but rest assured, this will ensure that the body has an adequate supply of BCAAs, which are lost every time the body is intensively physically exerted. BCAAs are one of the most fundamental parts of repairing, as well as building, muscle. This makes Kinetica Whey Protein an optimal post-workout snack that should speed up recovery, leading to more successful sessions and targets being smashed.


The actual blend is constructed of a troika of protein. Whey concentrate, provides fast-digesting protein that will ensure a positive nitrogen balance before a workout and maximise the chance of muscle growth. Whey protein isolate, is the purest form of protein, which has not had to be filtered and therefor may marginally boost protein content, whilst reducing the fat and calories in the powder. Finally, hydrolysed whey, which is pre-digested protein, is easily absorbed into the body – giving muscles what they really need; and quickly.


Unlike some other proteins supplements, Kinetica has severely limited the sugar content of their whey powder. This allows greater versatility in diet planning, if working by a set sugar intake daily.


Kinetica is one of the best and most experienced players in the industry and have some of the most stringent standards over what ends up in their finished product, and from said high quality ingredients transfigures a great product. With high levels of BCAAs, a variation of differing protein types and a low sugar content Kinetica should be an instrumental part in anyone’s nutritional program. So don’t waste any more time training without optimal nutrition, take action to get the results you truly deserve!




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