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Pure Protein GF1 is one of the most popular products amongst elite-level athletes, trust me; I was one. This powder by USN isn’t just designed for those at world-beating levels in sport though, actually whether you’re looking for some lean muscle growth or bulking up a little, and perhaps even looking to lose some weight USN are market-leaders and understand your desire to succeed, to work to towards, not just reaching your goals, but smashing through them. This protein supplement is the best all-rounder and will satisfy even the most particular of users.

USN GF1 Protein information

GF1 is predominately aimed at those who are attempting to build lean muscle mass, however, this does not exclude everyone else. The sole justification for being orientated towards lean muscle growth, is due to its high protein and low carbohydrate concentration.


USN is one of the only protein suppliers on the market that cater for this audience, but can also fulfil the desires of a swathe of other goals. Simply, Pure Protein GF1 has in, what is says on the tin; ‘Pure Protein’ – or as close to it as is possible, with a whole range of other goodies to really maximise performance.


USN’s production process is strict to say the least. They are scrupulous in selecting only the best soy and milk, which make up the powder. Granted, it may a little more expensive that some of its rivals, but at least you will know what you are putting in your body with Pure Protein GF1.


The blend is exquisite. With a mix of whey concentrate and whey isolate, GF1 can provide fast digesting proteins, less fat and calories than some others on the market, just from the blend. But there are some hidden bonuses to GF1 that are unlike any other protein supplement on the mainstream market.


GF1 has added nutrients; but not just the added nutrients that are in the majority of protein supplements. GF1 contains Patothetic acid, which increase focus and energy, ideal for a prolonged session in the gym when your focus veritably begins to slip. It also has added magnesium, which helps the body to relax and sleep post-workout – both of which are known to reduce recovery time.


USN have packed Pure Protein GF1 with 71g of protein per 100g, but been able to minimise sugar and carbs to below 5g per 100g serving! But those numbers don’t quite add-up just yet. GF1 also contains 16g of BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids).


BCAAs are the basic building blocks of muscle and without them, muscle would NEVER grow. Yet, despite being about 20 in the human body, there are eight that need to be provided through diet, as the body cannot produce them. BCAAs have also been suggested to positively impact on energy levels and recovery time.


So, what’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one, the taste of GF1 is a tad bold, but this is far better than drinking funny-tasting water/milk. The final product is smooth and lump-free. Actually, it is rather nice!


So if you want to start getting the results that you deserve, perhaps GF1’s enhanced protein, BCAAs and other goodies levels will help you get the result you want and are working so hard for. With a low carb to protein ratio and a unique blend of whey concentrate and isolate, USN really have made a bloody good protein powder and, be assured, it will be around a very long time, thanks to the popularity of it amongst athletes.





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