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What is Norateen?


Norateen is a diet supplement made by LA muscle- one of the world’s leading premium sports nutrition and supplement specialists. It is consumed in the form of capsules and consists of a unique formula which LA Muscle claim is proven to ‘stimulate a rise in new muscle building hormones’. LA muscle indicate that Norateen is suitable for both top athletes and as a starting supplement for individuals who are beginners in the gym and wanting to increase muscle mass and strength.


What are the ingredients of Norateen


The Norateen formula consists of several unique and rare components. These synergistic ingredients are designed to support the synthesis of naturally occurring male growth hormones, and ultimately lead to an increase in muscle mass.

Mucana Pruriens, also known as ‘Velvet bean’, has been added to elevate natural testosterone levels and ‘other growth compounds associated with muscle generation and libido’, according to LA muscle. Mucana Pruriens is a tropical vine, native to Africa and Asia that produces bean pods. High quality Mucana Puriens extracts contain the amino acid L-dopa, which acts as a precursor to dopamine. Dopamine from the L-dopa of such extracts has been found to reduce excessive prolactin. Prolactin itself is a hormone which counteracts testosterone in the body. Therefore, reducing excessive prolactin will result in an increase in testosterone.

A second testosterone- boosting herb, Fenugreek, can also be found in Norateen. There is less research surrounding Fenugreek and its effect on testestorone levels, although LA muscle state that it ‘increases the secretion of muscle building hormones’ in their unique formula.

Diindolymethane (DIM) is a further added ingredient which is typically found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage and also in the superfood, kale. DIM has been shown to help the body balance hormone levels due to its effect on oestrogen metabolism.

Norateen also contains: Beta Ecdysterone which ‘increases lean mass and decreases body fat’ as detailed by LA muscle; Methoxyisoflavone which increases various elements in the body such as calcium and phosphorous; and Vitamin E. Vitamin E has numerous health benefits including protection against toxins, alleviating fatigue and speeding up cell regeneration.


How should I supplement Norateen and when will I see results?


Two capsules of Norateen Heavyweight II should be taken three times a day, preferably alongside a protein shake. On training days, two of the six capsules should be taken fifteen minutes prior to the workout. If taken correctly alongside an effective weight training programme, Norateen should aid you in achieving your fitness goals by supporting the balancing of hormones in the body.

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