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Pain and Gain was an essential film for any aspiring bodybuilder. Although the film itself was a little disappointing the actors’ physiques were not. The Rock was looking huge, but that was to be expected. Mark Wahlberg however surprised us all with the physique he had built. The star packed on nearly 40 pounds for his role of Daniel Lugo, going from 165 to 212 pounds! But the process was far from easy.

Diet to build muscle and put on weight

We all know that to put on size you have to consume an excess amount of calories and Mark was no exception. Talking about his diet he said ‘I was eating 10 meals a day. I mean, I’d go to bed at 10 o’clock after eating a meal and then wake up at 2 o’clock to eat, still full from the last meal.’ As well as eating a lot of real food Mark also utilised supplements. He said ‘I took a lot of Mass Gainer’, this was to further increase his calorie intake. Mass gainers are basically protein shakes that are packed full of carbohydrates, making them perfect for anyone who is bulking. They are particularly useful for ‘hard gainers’, people who really struggle to gain weight however much they eat. This is because the extra carbohydrates increases the number of calories they are consuming, helping them to consume an excess throughout the day. Furthermore the mass gainers are still high in protein, so these shakes are ideally taken post workout. This will ensure the muscles are fuelled with protein for growth and repair, while additionally topping up the muscles store of glycogen with the extra carbohydrates.

Training for muscle growth and size

Marks training was intense. He was working out 5 to 6 times a week doing what he calls ‘a lot of old-school stuff’. His training was based on heavy compound movements such as the bench and the squat. Additionally he would then perform more high repetition work on machines doing ‘one set of every single machine all the way down a row’. In short Marks principle for growth was volume, overloading the muscle with repeated contractions.

What can we learn?

Marks transformation is an example to us all of what the body is capable of. The two key things that he has shown is that high volume, in regard to both training and eating, is one of the most effect ways to gain weight. One of the ways he could achieve this was by supplementing with mass gainers, try them for yourself to put on some serious mass. We would recommend either the Maximuscle protein gainers or those from LA Whey.

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