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Whether seeking an aid to bulk up or slim down protein supplements will dramatically increase anyone’s chances of attaining the body they deserve. One of the market leaders is LA Muscle, who have been on the scene a little over 15 years and produce, what some consider, one of the best protein supplements on the market; LA Whey. So, I put it to the test and integrated it within my own current training program and here is what I have discovered. Buy LA Whey here from the official LA Muscle website.

Premium protein shake from LA Muscle

LA Whey is optimal for those who are looking to increase size or strength, this is due to a relatively high protein content rate of about 70%, this protein provides your body with vital amino acids that are lost during exercise. LA Whey replenishes this supply, preventing an anabolic state occurring, the point where muscle is consumed to fuel the body. It also has a small, but profound, amount of carbs. This will seriously aid your energy levels during a workout.


LA Whey is made with a Whey concentrate, this, not only, reduces the overall cost, but provides fast digesting proteins that make LA Whey an ideal pre-session snack. This is because the fast digesting proteins will be absorbed into the body far quicker than some, ideal to boost protein levels when you’re planning to really push yourself. This will keep your nitrogen balance positive throughout your session and increase muscle mass quicker.


As from whey concentrate, it has been filtered several times – using a variety of complex methods. LA Whey, unlike some cheaper competitors, has been filtered at a low temperature to remove lactose and fats, but also ensuring that the protein contained within is not lost – like when protein powder is filtered at a high temperature. The downside to all of this is it adds expense to the whole production process, which is reflected in the price tag, but how can anyone put a price on making sure their hard work really pays-off?


LA Whey is, indeed, more expensive than some other brands. However, in terms of health and fitness supplements you really get what you pay for. We have all heard too many stories about friends becoming ill after consuming some unknown, but cheap, supplement. LA Whey is definitely not in this category, although somewhat more expensive, it is enriched with additional BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids), the building blocks for muscle.


Not only are BCAAs vital to being successful, whether your goal is going lean or huge, but they are exhausted every time you intensively exercise. This is a problem, as there are, in total, about 20 BCAAs, however the human body cannot produce eight of them. LA Whey has a much higher concentration of these vital BCAAs and therefore will maximise your results, like very few other protein supplements can.


LA Whey is easy to mix, the end product is smooth and free of clumps. Although the flavour may not suit all, as it is mild and doesn’t really taste of anything.


Due to LA Whey’s mammoth range of BCAAs, its extensive filtering process, which maximise the protein in the product and a subdued taste, it is one of the best protein supplements on the market and will suit almost anyone. So, if you are looking for a protein supplement that will optimise your nutrition, LA Whey should be an instrumental part of your nutritional programme. Click here to visit the official LA Muscle website where you will find the cheapest price on LA Whey.


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