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If you are looking to reduce your overall body fat, you may have come across the term ‘thermogenics’ or ‘fat-burners’. Thermogenics aim to increase metabolism in the body and therefore increase energy expenditure.

The science concerning thermogenics is complex and still undergoing research, as are many aspects of the health and fitness world. However, many fat burning products which are currently available could aid you in reaching your weight loss goals as long as you are implementing the products alongside a balanced diet and vigorous training regime. Click here to view the best protein products that can assist with a low fat diet.

Best fat burning supplements

Fat burning products are designed specifically to stimulate lipolysis. Lipolysis refers to the breakdown of lipids (fats) and involves the breakdown of triglycerides into its main components- glycerol and fatty acids. Lipolysis normally requires a calorie deficit to occur as the body turns to internal fat stores for energy when there is a lack of energy from calorie intake. Lipolysis is stimulated by various hormones such as epinephrine and insulin. Therefore, most fat burning products contain such hormones which initiate lipolysis.

In addition to promoting lipolysis, fat-burning products also stimulate the central nervous system. Therefore, after taking a fat-burning product you may experience an increase in mental focus and intensity. This temporary boost can allow you to perform your workout with greater efficiency and success. The key word here is ‘temporary’. As the increase in mental alertness has a short-term effect you must allocate yourself sufficient recovery time in order to achieve the best results and reduce fatigue.

Furthermore, most fat-burning products have a diuretic effect on the body. This means that they cause the body to lose water. As a result, you must counteract this by increasing your water intake.

QuadraLean by RSP Nutrition is a highly popular and well regarded fat burning product. QuadraLean is so named as it contains four main ingredients that promote weight loss. One such ingredient is carnitine which plays a major role in the metabolism of fatty acids.

To conclude, if you are following a well-balanced and nutritious diet alongside a good training programme but you have reached a plateau with your fat loss, you may want to consider supplementing fat-burning products into your diet. These thermogenics will aid in increasing the rate of lipolysis in the body and allow for greater focus during a workout. As a result, an increase in water uptake is required as well as an adequate recovery period following the workout. After some time, by correctly utilising fat burning products you should notice a decrease in your overall body fat and as a result of this, better muscle definition.

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