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If you have never heard of Gold Standard Whey you are either a) new to protein supplements or b) have lived under a rock for the past half-decade. Optimum Nutrition have been able to produce one of the most popular products the world-over. Regardless of what your end goal is; whether bulking up, slimming down, leaning out or even just trying to get a bit fitter; Gold Standard will most probably be the vehicle by which you will be able to finally get the results you know that you deserve.

Gold Standard Whey protein shake information

Over the years, the brand has transfigured into one of the most, if not the most, trusted powder on the market. It has had millions of sales and is still trusted, years on, by millions!


With a gargantuan quantity of carbs packed in the powder, there is no other way to say this; it’s straight protein, or just about anyway. With an 81% protein concentration, Gold Standard has one of the highest levels of protein on the market.


However, said protein will tailor to anyone’s demands due to Optimum Nutrition’s unique and somewhat ingenious blend. The blend is made up of three different types of protein. Whey isolate, whey concentrate and whey peptides. The whey isolate lowers the overall fat and calorie content and negates the problems related to filtration – a reduction in overall protein levels. Whey peptides will provide fast-absorbing proteins, as it is a form of protein that has already ben digested and can therefore be absorbed into the intestines much more easily than other types of protein, this is great for protein needed before a workout and will ensure the body’s nitrogen balance is positive, allowing muscle to build. The whey concentrate reduces the overall price of the product, whilst providing much needed high-quality protein.


Gold Standard has an extremely high level of BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids), over 18g per 100g serving. These are crucial working towards any goal, as BCAAs are the building blocks of muscle, without them; muscle will not grow! Even more alarmingly, the body needs around 20 BCAAs to function optimally. Unfortunately the body cannot produce eight of these BCAAs, thus if your diet isn’t enriched with them you will be wasting hours of work in the gym.


The only way to circumvent this, which is inevitable if you exercise intensively and regularly, is by enriching your diet by using supplements such as Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard.


The powder is delectable, in regard to taste. There is a huge range of flavours available, perhaps the largest on the market. But don’t think for a moment that it is a case of quantity over quality. As a matter of opinion, Gold Standard is the best tasting powder on the market. Gold Standard is not so much a nutritional supplement, as it is a post and pre workout treat!


Gold Standard is one of the most popular powders for a reason, with an extensive range of BCAAs, a high protein content and thorough blend of protein types, offering a variety of benefits to the user. So regardless of your end goal, Gold Standard could be a catalyst to your training dreams.




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