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The success stories of Geordie Shore fitness and weight loss

The recent release of Charlotte Crosby’s new Fitness DVD has demonstrated that anyone can get in shape and lose weight. In just 7 months Charlotte went from 11 stone to 8 and a half stone, dropping an amazing 4 dress sizes. Charlotte suggested that the key to her success was a diet lower in fat and regular exercise. Getting fit has been a fantastic journey for Charlotte, before she was too self-conscious to go to the gym, but now she is strong both physically and mentally.

But Charlotte isn’t the only Geordie Shore girl on a fitness mission, Vicky Pattison has lost just over 3 stone. She says anyone can achieve the same results but ‘you have to eat really clean, do a lot of weight training and a little bit of cardio’. Vicky also says it is a good idea to have a friend who you can lose weight with, helping to keep you motivated. For Vicky this was Charlotte and Holly, she said ‘there’s a healthy amount of competition between everyone. We want each other to do well, we spur each other on, and we’re always congratulating each other’.

What were their diets and supplements like?

Vicky said that she had to eat ‘clean’ in order to lose weight. Eating ‘clean’ has a number of interpretations, however primarily it involves having a diet high in protein, with some carbohydrates, while being low in fat. By eating clean many people also steer clear of processed foods and prefer to stick to whole foods. Charlotte also alluded that a low fat diet helped her to lose weight. Fat has the highest calorie content of all the nutrients, therefore reducing your intake will help to keep your calories low. However fats are a nutrient that helps you to feel satisfied after a meal, so simply consuming less fat may leave you feeling hungry after a meal. This hunger can be combated by increasing your protein intake. Protein is a slow digesting nutrient, so it remains in your stomach for longer, hence you feel fuller for longer after eating a meal high in protein.

Many people find it difficult to have a diet high in protein; this is where supplements are here to help. Guide to Protein shakes and supplements. The versatility of protein shakes means that they can be used between meals as a snack to help subdue hunger, or to fuel your muscles after a work-out helping your body to spare muscle and burn fat. The girls owe their success to intense work outs and clean eating, a high protein diet works in parallel with these activities to help burn fat and lose weight.

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