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Cyclone by Maximuscle has been the King of consumer protein supplements for some time now and after a successful rebranding, Maximuscle is now Maxinutrition, the brand’s domination of the UK market has been augmented. As the bestselling sports supplement in the UK and the official supplier to the English Cricket and Rugby teams, as well as the Welsh Rugby team and UK Sport, there is a real danger that Cyclone could be overhyped by a swathe of once in a blue moon gym goers who believe that consuming protein powder copiously will give them their dream body, after all, isn’t this the price of becoming mainstream? So why is Cyclone by Maxinutrition the most popular sports supplement in the UK?

Maxinutrition Cyclone Protein Shake Information

Cyclone is optimally used by those who are looking to bulk up and make some serious weight gains and with the swathe of goodies packed in Cyclone, it may well be possible to reach your goals, a lot sooner than you previously thought.


In an average 60g serving there is 22g of carbohydrates. Ideal for powering those who plan to do long or cardio-intensive sessions by utilising fatigue techniques in order to build stamina or increase muscle mass. Maxinutrition’s Cyclone has a large amount of carbohydrates packed inside, unlike some of their competitors.


If you are seeking to build lean mass, increase your overall power and explosive power, the 5g of creatine, per 60g serving, may be the catalyst to reaching your goals. Creatine is a naturally occurring acid that helps to provide energy to cells around the body, in particular muscle cells, by replacing the lost phosphate in ATP – for all of us biology nerds. If you are looking for a protein powder without Creatine in, we suggest you read our review of Promax from MaxiNutrition.


Maxinutrition has also integrated a large amount of BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids), these are the basic building blocks of muscle. Without BCAAs, building muscle would be absolutely impossible! Furthermore, although there are around 20 BCAAs, there are eight of them that the human body cannot produce, therefor must be integrated in a diet plan if you want the opportunity to truly reach your goals.


In Cyclone products, there is a swathe of BCAAs within. By regularly communing protein supplements, especially those with increased BCAA levels, such as Maxinutrition’s Cyclone line, it is possible to circumvent the risk of ever becoming deficient and making no gains, while continuing to work just as hard, or even harder!


Cyclone also speeds up recovery time, due to the presence of Glutamine in the blend. This is an amino acid that acts as a catalyst to muscle repair. With glutamine, you will notice a rapid reduction in recovery time, allowing more training to be done – pushing you one step closer to your goal.


The protein content per 60g is 30g. This may seem marginally below some others’ products in the industry, however, Maxinutrition has blended some of the most crucial ingredients to enable everyone from the gym punter to elite athlete to reach their goals quicker than would have otherwise been possible.


For constant gains, quicker recovery times and another tool to add to your repertoire to get to where you deserve to be, Maximuscle Cyclone will, almost undoubtedly, be a catalyst to success. However, it is rather expensive, but isn’t that the price for a product, which is beyond the vast majority of its competition worth paying?

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