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Welcome to Protein Advisor, an independent guide to protein supplements to help achieve your training goals, whether it be increase muscle mass, lose weight, or just to lead a healthier lifestyle. We are an independent site providing scientific information about protein, who it works, and why it is needed as maximise the performance of your body. It may come to a surprise to you that the majority of scientists, nutritionists and trainers agree, that protein intake is more important than training when it comes to building muscle. On this site you’ll find a huge amount of information in an easy to understand format helping you understand why protein consumption is so important to a variety of training goals.

Best protein shakes for building muscle.

Logo Product Brand Protein Other Price per serving Price Review Buy
1 LA Whey LA Muscle 48g Premium protein! £2,16 £79,99 Read review Buy now
2 Cyclone MaxiNutrition 30g 5g MaxPURE creatine, 5.8g Glutamine, 1.5g Calcium HMB £2,27 £49,99 Read review Buy now
3 Gold Standard Whey Optimum Nutrition 24g Just 1g fat & 1g sugar £1,55 £33,34 Read review Buy now
4 Promax MaxiNutrition 22g Just 2g fat, 2g carbs £1,25 £39,99 Read review Buy now
5 Pure Protein GF1 USN 40g Only 200 cals £2,21 £39,99 Read review Buy now
6 Whey Protein Kinetica 22g Just 2.6g fat, 1.5g carbs £1,21 £39,99 Read review Buy now

We have reviewed numerous protein shakes from a variety of brands to help present a shortlist of the best products on the market. We have evaluated a number of factors, as different products help you achieve slightly different goals. However, all products featured on the above table pass our recommendations for crucial factors such as how easy they are to mix/digest, which is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a protein supplement. Furthermore, they are all developed in laboroties using the highest quality procedures and ingredients. We have displayed the information about the benefits of each product in an easy to understand format, making the process of choosing which brand meets your needs a lot simpler. It’s not just protein shakes we review, as we have guides to all types of protein supplements such as protein bars and other food products, as well as other body building supplements.

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